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Oxford Sustainable is a leading developer of sustainable property, wind and other renewable energy. We additionally provide quality, sustainable and energy auditing, certification and advice (e.g. Breeam and Leed), in the Baltics and Scandinavia. With around 10 years international development history, we are one of the most experienced players in our new markets. We act based on expertise and substance, using our knowledge, ability and successful practical experience.
For information on quality and sustainable certifications/ auditing: click the menu item 'Services'.
Oxford Sustainable is certified under ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO 50001 for Development. It is also certified for advisory, audit and conformity evaluation of constructions and projects. Oxford was the first company in the region to achieve the "Big 3" ISO certifications.
Feedback from our training course "Integrating Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development", held in Riga, Latvia
Factor assessedAverage response across all participants
The tutor was excellent4.6 (from total possible score of 5)
The course was personally valuable4.2 (from total possible score of 5)
Organisation was excellent4.6 (from total possible score of 5)